Bird's Town

Bird's Town

Bird's Town is an entertaining and cute Marble Popper-like game

If you like the cute and hilarious birds of the popular Angry Birds game, as well as tile-matching action puzzles like Zuma, Luxor or Marble Lines, also known as “marble poppers”, then the Bird's Town game will surely be to your liking. Instead of the typical marbles that has to be matched and eliminated as the main element of the game play, Bird's Town uses colored birds like the ones from Angry Birds. This is not the only major distinctive element that differentiates this game from many other tile-matching action puzzles out there. It also comes with unique additional features, such as the fact that as you progress through the levels you are rewarded by being given the possibility of building houses and other structures for your birds. As you can see, the birds are not playing only the role of the matching tiles, but they’re also the main characters of the game story. As surprising as it may sound, this neat game also comes with a story, even if it’s only a puzzle game. Anyway, it’s a rather simple and shallow story, but that’s not a big deal. The game manages to be captivating, addictive and entertaining despite the fact that it’s a “marble popper” like so many others.

Margie Smeer
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  • Nice graphics
  • Can be played in both window mode and full screen
  • Cute sounds


  • Lacks difficulty level settings
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